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What Makes an Android Mock Up a Great Tool?

If you're a mobile app developer or a content creator, find out more on how you can benefit from Android mock up to take your designs or products to the next level.

It’s a lot easier to convey your ideas and translate those written words through visual representation, right? And when it comes to creative works, an Android mock up is a handy tool that brings life to any mobile design or application.

Simply put, a mock up is a model or replica of the original product. This is quite the same for digital products.

A smartphone mockup uses a digital frame that features a mobile device that will give a highlight to your output. This is an essential tool for graphic designers and mobile app developers to help their clients visualize how their digital products will look like in real life.

What is an Android Mock Up?

Android smartphones have been the best-sellers in the global market since 2011. With more than two billion active users as of 2017, it’s a no-brainer why digital product creators must use an Android mock up.

The Android mock up is a great tool for any professional presentation so that your digital products or creations will have a more realistic look and feel.

What are the Advantages?

It has been said that the Android mockups are designed to help digital content creators to showcase their work whether it’s for personal or commercial use. There is no better way of showing off the preview of your work through an Android mockup.

However, there are a few more reasons on why you should opt for these templates if you haven’t considered this before:


You can create a mockup for any types of digital content: e-books, music, mobile applications, and a lot more.

Also, these mockups can help you put your content in two or more types of Android mobile device. You can instantly show your clients how the digital content will look on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and etc.

User-friendly and Intuitive

Android mock ups are highly customizable and are easy to use! A lot of Android mockup PSD templates are designed for users – especially newbies – to just drag and drop their content. You can insert the images or screen grabs to produce real-life output.

With these templates being so user-friendly, you don’t have to be a graphic design expert. You just need to know the basic workarounds to help you customize those pre-made templates.

You just need to download the template of your choice. Most of these Android mockups come in PSD file or Sketch format. You may use either Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to edit the template.

Great for Branding

The mockup designs suit your needs either for personal or professional projects. But it helps a lot in branding.

Most of these Android mockups can be adjusted to adapt well with your brand’s design and colors.

Wide Variety of Templates to Choose from

There’s a template for a respective Android device. Yes, Samsung is unquestionably the most popular and is widely used. Other brands with Android operating devices are Google Pixel, Oppo, LG Electronics, Motorola, and Sony.

Samsung Mockups

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the global market for years. Its Samsung Galaxy line has been the most sought after every new phone release. That’s why most of these Android mockups have Samsung in their stash.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup’s sleek finish and black background can be a great deal for showcasing any digital product. Whether it’s a gaming app or a messaging app, this Samsung mockup model fits so perfectly. Also, it is versatile to any moving products.

The Samsung Clay mockup has these three phones that are merged into one. However, this mockup works well on simple digital products, not on complex mobile applications or sites.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 mockup is great for gaming apps because it produces a wider view of the design.

Google Pixel Mockups

Most of these Google Pixel Mockups come in minimalist and contemporary designs – just like the real smartphone line.

The designs also adapt well for more serious and sophisticated brands

Xiaomi Mockups

This brand has been known for its budget smartphones that do offer some of the features of other high-end brands.
Its big display is another reason why it’s nice to include it in your mockups.

Who Are the Ideal Users?

Smartphone mockups are great for all professionals who create digital products since they provide a preview of what the completed product would look at the different smartphone devices.

However, the smartphone mockups are advantageous mostly for individual mobile app developers and mobile applications agencies in some ways.

Developing mobile applications will never be an easy job and a cheaper one.

Mobile app agencies or companies have to provide a glimpse of the final version to their clients or investors. This is important for them to get valuable insights from the key stakeholders first before pushing through the final product. This helps them save a great deal of money since they can easily pinpoint which areas require improvement and revisions before starting the entire development.

This works otherwise for individual mobile app developers who are monetizing those apps online. These mockups display their work better to any potential customer or client.

The smartphone mockups allow these developers and designers to experiment on various design elements: typography, color scheme, icons, graphics, and more.

It also allows you to identify easily what would provide a great user experience. If the app is new or is being developed, you can ask feedback on how others perceive your app. This provides you with more data on how to improve the app’s overall look and functionality – making it less prone to app abandonment.

Tips When Designing your Mobile Mockups

While most of these smartphone mockups are easy to use, you should always keep in mind that your users remain to be your main concern. However, they are critical for you to gauge if this mobile app will meet user expectations or client’s requirements. In fact, there are lots of common rookie mistakes when designing a mobile app mockup.

The mockups should also show different mobile gestures and accommodate different screen sizes. They must give the impression that the app’s overall aesthetics and functionality is worth every penny. So, missing out a lot on the basics of UX design is a surefire way to lose customers.

The mobile mockup should also represent every user touchpoint. This will also help you revise or adjust these patterns if they don’t provide seamless user experience.

Designing a mobile or smartphone mockup works best when you’re introducing a new app to the market. You need to have a product walk through to help secure a fantastic onboarding experience among spectators and new users. Make sure to use simple visuals and brief instructions to guide a user.


Designing the idea of your business through the use of a mockup is a great way to start your business. It’s essential to consider mockups as one of the best marketing tools you can ever utilize today. On the web are some available mockup sources such as Ramotion and TMDesign.

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