What Do You Need To Know About App Store iOS Screenshots?

You think you're done as soon as you have completed your mobile application? Not quite! You still have to market it through the App Store iOS Screenshots.

Do you think after having a mobile app, you’re done already? Nope. Not yet! Now that you developed your mobile app, it’s time to sell them. Yes, you have to market your app for it to rank on the app stores. Since it’s a mobile app, there are two options available for you: Google Play and App Store. These are the two leading stores where mobile applications are competing per category. Which category is your app included? It’s you to decide on this aspect and your decision depends on the niche you will choose.

Here in this article, we will talk about App Store iOS screenshots. The App Store is of course a very popular digital store where people with Apple products can download. There are close to two million apps available for download in the App Store. How do you compete with the 1.85 million mobile apps on the App Store? That’s where the App Store iOS screenshots become really important.

What App Store iOS screenshots can do for your mobile app?

You want to stand out with your digital product. Right? But the question is how? You have to make really convincing App Store screenshots at first. This is a requisite which you should not take for granted. If you think that it is difficult, it might be. However, there are available ways you can do to address such difficulties. All you have to do at first is to entrust your mobile app screenshots to a professional and expert.

To make it easier for you, you can always download an iPhone screenshot template. This is a ready-made digital product that you can just edit with your own design. It’s quite easy to use. This way, you will have more time creating the best screenshot for your mobile app. Everything that you provide in the App Store is important. But if you really have to rank them according to importance, the most important one would be the icon, the name of the app and a very brief description.

When you browse through the App Store, you will be met with around a dozen icons of different apps. Some show bigger photos, the new ones, popular ones, and the updated ones. There is no guarantee that you will get the top spot so you have to figure out the best icon that will catch people’s attention. When you look at your App Store right now, you will notice that icons are really a bright and colorful bunch. That’s because colors catch attention. But since there are so many colors, the plain ones will also get attention.

The name is also important because once the person is attracted to the icon, they will then look at the name and the short description of the mobile app. The description you see on the App Store is mostly just a one-liner.

Now, the second most important is the screenshot. When you catch a person’s attention, it doesn’t mean they will purchase or get the mobile app right away—not even if it’s free. Remember that the iPhone or any Apple product doesn’t have unlimited storage space. The App Store can’t be a buffet, people need to choose the ones they really like.

Once a person likes a certain digital product based on the icon, they will then click the icon to know more about it. This is where they will see the screenshots. The good thing about the App Store is that you get specific App Store iOS screenshots. People can check out the iPad or iPhone format. You might think that it’s double the job for you but it’s a great thing for the buyer. The goal is always to satisfy the buyer.

What should you see in screenshots?

You can show off at least four screenshots. Just because it says screenshot doesn’t mean that you have to strictly abide by that. Of course, you have to show actual screenshots of what people will see when they download your app. But you can also get creative with each shot you provide. Convince the person to buy your product without actually saying “buy my product!”

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular mobile apps right now: TikTok. Of course, this is already a popular product so people are already aware of its logo—the stylized note. But for those who are not aware, the icon is intriguing enough.

The logo is quite simple. The complete name is also Tik-Tok Global Vide Community with a description that says: short-form video platform. Now, if people are not yet convinced that they should download TikTok based on what they see on the App Store, they could get to know it better.

There are five screenshots in the TikTok page. Each screenshot is different from the other. At first glance, people can argue that the screenshots are not cohesive. However, when you see each one of them, you’ll find that they all feature fun images.

Fun is obviously what TikTok is about. Have you ever seen a TikTok video that didn’t make you smile? Take a look at the taglines on each of the screenshots of the TikTok page in the App Store. They are all convincing and relevant. They are all engaging and enticing to the audience including you. The company is saying that you can do all those things when you download the mobile app. They are not saying: buy me! They are saying so much more. They are making you something that you never thought you would be.

People think that content creators are reserved for influencers. But that is not the case with TikTok. Every person active on TikTok is called a content creator. The App Store iOS screenshots are a chance for you to truly seal the deal with a prospective client. The actual description of the app, which is located under the screenshots, basically tells people details about the mobile app. It’s just an afterthought.

Decision-making really happens on the screenshots. If people are convinced that they want it, then they just read the description about how the mobile app works. Of course, if your description was written terribly, then chances are the buyer would backout.

If you were not meticulous enough to make a good description then what is the guarantee that everything about the mobile app was well thought out. You should never underestimate the power of the description. The point is, people would not be reading the description anyway if the screenshots were not good and convincing. So, you definitely have to market with your screenshots.

Creativity and knowledge

Marketing is a perfect balance of creativity and knowledge. Your creativity should be knowledge-based. This means that you should know who your target market is so that you will have a better idea on how to market a digital product.

People or customers are also more interested when they are not being underestimated by the seller. Or you can always tap a marketing firm to do this part for you. But you have to be on top of it considering that it’s your mobile app.

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